About David Harriman Ministries


"The purpose of  David Harriman Ministries is to see people around the world convert to Jesus Christ and be integrated into the christian community, through evangelistic preaching; to promote the sanctity of life; and to edify to the believers in faith."

Hello. My name is David Harriman. I would like to tell you about my ministry. It is a evangelistic association with a reach mainly in Latin America, but also in Africa.

But first, let me tell tell you about myself. I was raised in Latin America where my parents were missionaries. There I learned to love the culture and the language. As a young man I liked helping my parents and the believers en the works of God. Some time later I also became a missionary. My wife, Karol, and I served in Argentina for twelve years.

When I came back to the United States after finishing that period as a missionary, I felt a calling to serve as an evangelist to Latin American countries, not just to simply share the Good News, but also to strengthened believers en their walk with God. That is how David Harriman ministries was born.  

This ministry started in the year 2001. The way the ministry is operated is cooperating with churches and missionary organizations en the countries that host us. To date, thirteen countries have been visited including from Mexico to Honduras and to Argentina, also countries in Africa like Kenya and Equatorial Guinea.

These evangelistic trips are possible through your donations and for the cooperation that exists with the Francis Asbury Society, a Christian ministry with headquarters in Wilmore, Kentucky. When the invitation is received to serve, I travel to that country and share the Word of God according to what the leaders of that country think it is needed. Usually what happens are evangelistic crusades and conferences inside local churches. But sometimes we share the Gospel through radio and television

This ministry is also dedicated to strengthen believers through conferences for pastors, seminaries for married couples, and crusades for young people where we present practical biblical values of Holiness, of healthy relationships, and of spiritual growth.

These days are exciting and of a lot of challenge for global evangelization. Never before has there been a response so amazing to the presentation of the Good News like there is today. Lives are being changed. Marriages and homes are being healed. The future is promising, while the doors to ministry continue to open up.

Join me through your prayers and your support to help the sharing of the Good News of Jesus while the harvest is ready.