Mexico Report - January 1st - 4th, 2018

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy New Year!  May you sense God’s blessing and Presence throughout the year.

The trip to the city of Cuauhtemoc, Mexico (January 1-4) was blessed by the Lord!  Pastor Daniel Duran and his wife are doing an excellent job pastoring a growing and thriving church which presently runs between 300 and 400 in attendance.

The meetings were revival in nature.  At each service (including a rural church) many came forward seeking God. On Saturday evening, young people heard the message of salvation and received counsel on sexual purity.

The message on forgiveness also produced a response. One lady who had been at odds with her husband for 30  years, reported that after the service they forgave each other and made things right.  Praise His name!

Pray for the evangelistic outreach that will take place in seven Guatemala prisons in February. During the Easter weekend, the Good News will also be proclaimed in Mexico City.

Thank you for your continued interest and support in our lives and ministry. It is deeply appreciated!

In His service,

Dave and Karol

Reporte Bolivia - Abril 27-30, 2017

Queridos amigos y familia,

Las mas ricas bendiciones para cada uno de ustedes

Bolivia esta localizado en el corazon de America del Sur. Y en ese 'corazon' esta la ciudad de Santa Cruz (3 millones de habitantes), donde hablamos en las prisiones (5,000 reos), un centro de rehabilitacion, y en un festival de musica envangelistico al aire libre. Que gozo poder ver a 106 individuos buscar a Cristo!

Ademas, un evento de jovenes fue efectuado donde decisiones cruciales fueron emfatizadas, con compromiso a pureza sexual. Mas de 100 jovenes hicieron la valiente decision de practicar abstinencia!

Uno de los realces fue hablar en un hotel iglesia, donde gente de negocios y sus familias se congregan. Muchos vinieron al frenta por oracion.

My mas sinceras gracias a John Schmid, un cantante y guitarrista de country professional, quien me acompaño e impacto vidas. Y mi sincera gratitus a los pastores y los equipos que hicieron un buen trabajo en organizar estos eventos.

Y como puedo agradecerles por sus oraciones y apoyo que hace este ministerio posible? Dios es bueno.

En Su servicio,

Dave y Karol.

Bolivia Report - April 27-30, 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

God richest blessings to each of you!

Bolivia is located in the heart of South America. And in that “heart” is the city of Santa Cruz (3 million people), where we spoke in the prisons (5,000 inmates), a rehabilitation center, and at an outdoor evangelistic music festivals. What a joy to see 106 individuals seek Christ!

Also, a youth rally was held where crucial decisions were emphasized, along with commitment to sexual purity. Over 100 young people made a bold commitment to practice abstinence!

One of the highlights was speaking at a hotel church, where business people and their families gather. Many came forward for prayer.

My deepest thanks to John Schmid, a professional country Gospel guitarist and singer, who accompanied me and impacted lives. And my heartfelt appreciation to the pastors and the teams who did a super job in organizing these events.

And how can we thank you enough for your prayers and support which makes this ministry possible? “Dios es bueno” (God is good)

In His service,

Dave and Karol